Against The Ordinary is an up and coming modern hard rock band from Southern California. First formed in the summer of 2013, the band is comprised of lead guitarist and songwriter Dillon Brown, lead singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist Kyle Everett, and bassist Brittany Nelson.  We are currently auditioning pro drummers to join our band, while we continue to write and professionally record our original music.


     The band's sound and music is the product of many influences; from today's modern rock/pop sounds to classic Rock N' Roll. Not only is the music great to rock out to, but the band's stage show brings the songs to life. The band believes in giving the audience more than what they paid for, and time and time again they always deliver without fail.


     Against The Ordinary has performed many shows in the Los Angeles area, as well as many prominent venues in Southern California. We have opened for national acts, and have been a fixture in the L.A. music scene playing clubs like The Troubadour and the Whisky. The band is currently unsigned but is determined to make their presence known in the industry, by any means necessary.


This band isn't just another rock band.  We ARE Against The Ordinary.


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Spotlight On Local: Against The Ordinary


Remember the ’80s heavy metal scene? The drunken debauchery? The sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll? When men dressed up like women, and women dressed up like the girl your mother warned you about? Well now, so many years later, the long hair has turned gray or perhaps fallen out completely, the girl your mother warned you about is, well, your mom, and even Gene Simmons proclaims that rock is dead while many reluctant rockers concede to agree......

Fender goes Against the Ordinary when hosting Kranken Welpen


"..I will start with Against the Ordinary. Playing its first show ever this band is already on my list of must sees. My personal connection is that guitar player Dillon Brown is an alumni of the Kids Rock Free program, the same program my daughter is in. Now that he has graduated out of the program (he turned 18 recently) he is putting his love for music to use and he is doing it well. One thing I have noticed about Dillon is that he is in love with music. When he plays he goes to that place that is just him and the music. He is amazing on stage and off. He always has a great attitude on stage and off. Dillon is not a one man band so let me introduce you to the rest of the crue: Lead Vocals Marc Llana, the aforementioned Lead Guitarist Dillon Brown, Guitarist Grant Wolfe, Bassist Kyra Lesner, and Drummer Jacob Guzman. The band has a sound similar to and is influenced by Guns 'n Roses, Velvet Revolver, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, and the Foo Fighters. This band really surprised me because they are all very young and they did a cover of Alice Cooper’s "18" that blew me away. I overheard members of the other bands giving props to how well they did this song and that means a lot more coming from a fellow musician and not just music fans."

Please click here to read the entire article by Wesley Anderson of Rockwell Unscene!

Last in Line and Mandy Lion with George Lynch and Sin Quirin


"..Against the Ordinary opened the show. Many of you have not heard of this band YET. I say that because I have seen this band play 2 times now and they have only played 3 shows. So how did they, a new band based in the Corona area, get on this bill? Take a listen to them and you will know why. The band is young not only in how long they have been a band, but in age as well. As young as they are in years and experience, many of the members have been playing music most of their short lives. The band has a Classic Rock/Punk sound and feeling. They perform originals but they also do a spot on cover of Alice Coopers "18". To see for yourself, check out the live music video ROCKwell UnScene shot at this show by clicking the following link... When they play this song you can’t help but stare in awe as they channel Alice himself. If you are looking for a new band to add to your list of must see bands, Against the Ordinary is it." Click here to read the entire article by Wesley (Rockwell) Anderson

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